Part-Time Job

You may want to work part-time to earn for tuition and living. But the status of international students requires studying as residence status, therefore in principle, it is prohibited to work.

If you want to work part-time as a foreign student, you can do so within a range of not violating the conditions by obtaining a permit for outside activity qualification at an immigration bureau.

Make an application to an Immigration Bureau (Free)
  • pplication for outside activities qualification
  • Passport

Conditions of Part-time Job

  • Labor within 28 hours in a week (within 8 hours per day during long-term vacation)
  • Any form of sex industry-related work is prohibited. (Sex industry, any service industry that requires you to sit with the audience such as bars and pubs, pachinko, mahjong)

Part-time jobs that are allowed are ones to obtain tuition and necessary expenses, however working for remittances and savings is prohibited.
About half of foreign students who want to work part-time seem to work in the restaurant business. It is an industry which has lack of personnel and have many jobs available.
A part-time job is a labor contract, therefore absence without leave and tardiness are not allowed.
Also, since money incurred from a part-time job is almost always credited to a bank account, it is better to open one.