Immigration Procedures
  1. Acquisition of “Admission Letter”

    Once you have gone through an entrance exam and decided on entering a Japanese school, the “admission letter” will be mailed.

  2. Application for Certificate of Eligibility Verification

    It will be issued in places such as the “Regional Immigration Bureau” in Japan.
    In most cases, staff at the school you plan to enroll handle the procedure as an agent.
    The application requires a photo.
    It will take about 2 months from the application for a visa to be issued.

  3. Visa Application

    Submit a “Certificate of Eligibility” at the Japanese Embassy, Consulate, and etc., in your home country and apply for a Visa to study abroad.
    You need to submit photos and your passport again here.
    At this examination, school performance in the home country of prospective international students and whether parents’ income can sustain the cost of studying abroad will be assessed.