Things you need to know when Graduations

Greeting and Contact

When you end your studies in Japan, the future is different for each one of us, but there will be no doubt that you will be applying your experiences and knowledge into it.

Don’t forget to thank everyone who helped you through out your stay.
It would be good if you say it directly, but if you can’t make any time write a letter or a card. If you still want to make contact with friends you met here, don’t forget to exchange your contacts.

When leaving the apartment or the dormitory you will need to contact the landlord before hand. People normally contact them at least 1 month before departure.
Don’t forget to contact the electric, gas and water company to stop their services and calculate the rest of the expenses. In some cases, in order to stop their services, the specialist will be sended to your house and you need to be there. So, contact them as soon as possible.

When leaving the apartment or the dormitory you won’t be allowed to leave any personal belongings behind. Plan on how the get rid of the belonging before hand and be careful when throwing big things out. Beware of your manners so you don’t cause trouble for anyone.

When leaving Japan, you will need to go to the city hall of where you have your residence registered and give out a form that states that you are moving out. If you don’t send out the form, they will still be charging health insurance and taxes even after your departure. It will cause trouble in the future.

After that, cancel your contract with the cellphone company, internet company and cancel your account in the bank.

Things to look out for

・Several certificates (Graduation diploma, grades certificate, etc). If you need to print it out, contact your school’s office.

・To validate your graduation diploma by your country’s embassy, you will need a certificate from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan. (There’s also other companies who do it)

・Contact the International Exchange Division of your school or your responsible teacher about when will you be departing.

・Cancel your contracts with the telephone and the internet companies

・Take your account book and your cash card to the bank you were using and cancel everything. (Watch out for automatic withdrawals and for deposits!)

・Cancel your apartment’s contract (Contact the landlord, the managing company by the date that is stated in the contract. Do the inspection together with the personnel)

・Cancel the electricity, gas and water. (By contacting the companies)

・Pack your things and clean the apartment. (Get rid of the garbage according to the rules of your region)

・Cancel your health insurance, and calculate the fees you haven’t paid yet. (Take your insurance card to the city hall)

・Cancel your Nacional Retirement funds. (Take the retirement book to the city hall)

・Give out the form that states that you will be moving out to the post office as well.

・Hand out your Residency Card at the airport.