Educational System of Japanese Schools

In Japanese educational system, they learn at a primary education (elementary school), a lower secondary education (junior high school), upper secondary education (high school), and higher education (universities, colleges, vocational schools, and graduate schools).
Schools for international students will be schools at the higher education stage.

Stage Primary education Educational Institutions Training Years
Primary education 6 to 12 years old Primary school 6 years
Lower secondary education 13 to 15 years old Junior high school 3 years
Higher education (first half) 16 to 18 years old High school 3 years
Higher education (second half) 18 years old and above Higher vocational school 2 years
Junior college 2 years
University 4 years
Graduate school 2 years

One-year schedule of Japanese schools start in April and is until March. Admission is in April, but some schools accept admission from Autumn as part of its admission system.

Long vacations are in Spring, Summer, and Winter. In particular, Summer vacation is especially long, which lasts about two months.