Main Expenses for Study in Japan

Cost of Studying Abroad

Necessary tuition for Japanese schools includes “tuition fee,” which is paid annually, and “admission cost,” which is paid once at the time of enrollment.

The tuition is lower at a national university and it is same at any school specified in a field.

It is a little higher at a public school. Private school tuition costs roughly twice that of public schools. Also, the amount differs by the field. The Department of Science and Technology and Arts are rather expensive. Medicine-related departments will cost double of that.

School fees Entrance fee facilities expense Total
private university about \860,000 about \260,000 about \180,000 about \1,300,000
Private junior college about \700,000 about \240,000 about \170,000 about \1,100,000
Private higher vocational school about \450,000 about \170,000 about \110,000 about \750,000

1.Tuition fee

Tuition fees vary depending on colleges/universities, but it is said that those of national universities or their institutions are the least expensive and almost same for all disciplines in the same university.
Tuition fees of public colleges/universities are a little more expensive than those of national universities.
In cases of private schools, tuition fees are different by discipline, even in the same university. Tuition fees of private law schools/economics departments and art colleges are about 1.4 times and 2.3 times higher than those of national colleges/universities. Tuition fees of private dental colleges are 6.2 times higher, which shows the largest gap with those of national schools.

<National University>

Tuition fee 535,800 yen/year
Admission fee 282,000 yen
Facility use charge *1
Total cost 817,800 yen

<Public university>*2

Tuition fee 537,960 yen/year
Admission fee 397,575 yen
Facility use charge *1
Total cost 935,555 yen

<Private college/university, non-scientific disciplines>*3

Tuition fee 741,945円 yen/year
Admission fee 250,910 yen
Facility use charge 160,424 yen
Total cost 1,153,279 yen

<Private college/university, scientific disciplines>*3

Tuition fee 1,035,955 yen/year
Admission fee 265,942 yen
Facility use charge 189,582 yen
Total cost 1,491,479 yen

(Unit: yen)

*1 Some colleges/universities may charge.
*2 Survey on “Tuition Fees Paid by Students in 2012” by Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology
*3 “Result of Survey on Average Amount Paid by Students Enrolled in Private Colleges/Universities in Fiscal 2012” by Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.

2.Living cost

You can live in a house of a host family, dormitory of a school or rental apartment during your stay in Japan.
Please note that any figures shown here should be used as just guideline and are generally estimated cost.
The most expensive area is Kanto region in which the Tokyo Metropolis is located. Compared with Tokyo, living cost is less expensive in local cities.

<In case of home stay>

If you choose home stay, you will learn everyday conversation and know and experience custom and culture different from those in your country by living with a host family here in Japan.
Monthly expenses required for home stay would be about 130,000 yen (including those for management, breakfast and dinner, electricity, water, gas, etc.).
Expenses for lunch would be about 15,000 yen per month.
Utility charges alone would be about 10,000 yen per month.
The living cost would be about 150,000 yen (excluding your allowance).

<In case of living in a dormitory of a school>

If you live in a dormitory with other students of the same school, you will have the opportunity to know each other and make more friends.
Dormitories accept short-stay students. Monthly dormitory fees vary depending on schools, but would be about 138,000 yen in total (excluding your allowance).
Breakdown: lodging fee: 7,000 yen; management fee: 2,000 yen; meals: 30,000 yen; electricity: 3,000 yen; water: 2,000 yen; gas: 3,000 yen.
Transportation expenses would be 10,000 yen.

<In case of living in an apartment>

If you live in a rental apartment, you can choose a room as you like and enjoy more free time , but usually rental apartments require a 2-year contract, so it would be inappropriate for study for a short period.
Living cost varies depending on the environment of areas, regions or neighborhood. Generally, a monthly rent would be about 40,000 to 70,000 yen.
You would be required for about 140,000 yen in total: in addition to the rent, management fee ( 20,000 yen); meals (30,000 yen); electricity (3,000 yen); water (2,000 yen); gas (3,000 yen); transportation (10,000 yen) (excluding allowance)

3.Prepare budget for examination fees, etc.

When you intend to take ordinary admission examinations like Japanese students, or advance from a Japanese language school to a higher school such as university or specialized training college in Japan, you may need to take several examinations.
You may have to pay an admission examination fee of about 30,000 yen for each school, plus transportation and lodging charges, the fee for Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students or TOEFL. When you pass the admission examination, you will have to pay an admission fee and tuition fee (see the guideline of each school). You will have to pay a good sum of money in a short time.

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