Applying for a study loan or scholarships

In case you are an exchange student in Japan and paying out of your own pocket

1. Search for a scholarship you can apply to

Depeding on the organization’s scholarship that you are applying for the requirements differs depending on your age, country of origin and your major.

2. Search about the details

Pick a few scholarship organizations and search for more information. Some of them are student loans and they require repayment, so try to have as much information as possible.

3. Send out the application form

Depending on the scholarship organization the application form is different. The required documents are also different. Find out what they are and gather them all. (Some examples of required documents are: your C.V, a certificate from your school (Zaigaku Shomeisho), grade certificate, a recommendation letter from your teacher, results of your health exams, photo, a copy of your residence card, etc)

Immigration Bureau of JAPAN, Residence Card

4. Take the selection exam

It depends on the organization that are offering the scholarship. There are some where you need to take a written exam, and there are also places that only does a document review.

5. The results

The results of the selection are going to the applicant or the applicant’s school.

If you are applying for a student loan or scholarship before coming to Japan.

There are also studen loans or scholarships that you can apply before coming to Japan. The local governments, international communication foundations, and private scholarships organizations.


JASSO (Japan Student Services Organization)
Japan Scholarship for Exchange Students 2016-2017 Brochure