The first studying abroad

Applying for a study loan or scholarships

In case you are an exchange student in Japan and paying out of your own pocket 1. Search for a scholarship you […]

How to register taspo ID Card

What is the taspo? In the past, Japan occurs a problem about underage smoking because everyone can purchase ci […]

Popular Faculty in Japan

Because of growing rapidly, Japan has become the top of the world in all aspects. For example, technology, edu […]

Popular Oversea's Study Course (The Pros and Cons For Each Course)

How’s and do’s for studying abroad. (Merits and demerits of each course) If you want to study in J […]

What tests are available to international students?

There are some tests specially made available to international students  who wish to take an admission examina […]

About Procedures To be Taken after Arrival in Japan

“Residence Card” system uses a card that serves as a certification of the foreigner residing in Ja […]

Opening a bank account in Japan

Tips Prepare necessary documents before opening a bank account. Our recommendation would be to open your accou […]

About Enrollment in National Health Insurance in Japan

What is “National Health Insurance”? All Japanese citizens are obliged to enroll in a public healt […]

Things you need to know when Graduations

Greeting and Contact When you end your studies in Japan, the future is different for each one of us, but there […]

Japanese Religion and Culture

Japanese Culture Japan has a wide variety of culture that has continued from the ancient ages up to now. In pa […]

How to find a lodging facility in Japan

When you arrive at Japan, first you will have to find a lodging facility. Lodging facilities are largely divid […]

JLPT(Japanese Language Proficiency Test)

For study in japan, you may need to prove japanese language skill before you enroll to school by take examinat […]

Information that the Japanese Government is providing for the exchange students in Japan

Data information that Japan is offering to the exchange students There is a lot of exchange students who are s […]

The Difference Between Urban and Rural Areas in Japan

Foreign people may wish to live in urban area with large cities such as Tokyo, the capital city of Japan, but […]

Japan Education Fair

Japan Education Fair This is an event held at major cities in Japan and abroad for students who want to study […]

The flow up to Studying Abroad

Conditions for admission to a university International student sy […]

Educational System of Japanese Schools

In Japanese educational system, they learn at a primary education (elementary school), a lower secondary educa […]
Types of Japanese Schools

Types of Schools in Japan

Types of Schools in Japan The following schools are available in Japan to international students. 1.Japanese l […]

Choice of School

When considering studying in Japan, you cannot help to choose famous universities and universities in the capi […]

Immigration Procedures

Acquisition of “Admission Letter” Once you have gone through an entrance exam and decided on enter […]

Main Expenses for Study in Japan

Cost of Studying Abroad Necessary tuition for Japanese schools includes “tuition fee,” which is pa […]

Entrance Exam and Exam for Studying Abroad

Also it will be good experience to try taking the same exam as Japanese students, since you will be learning f […]

Residence Card

A “RESIDENCE CARD”, which states the residence status, is issued to foreigners who stay in Japan l […]

Part-Time Job

You may want to work part-time to earn for tuition and living. But the status of international students requir […]

National Health Insurance

The cost of treatment when sick or injured in Japan requires a fee. There may be cases where it will be expens […]

How to Looking for Housing

Japan’s houses are small. Most students live in a room of a 1LDK apartment. Most properties are equipped […]

Post(About receiving and sending through mail and delivery.)

Japanese postal service delivers letters and luggage regularly and accurately. By registering an address of yo […]

Consumption Tax and Currency

In Japan, you need to pay “consumption tax” when you purchase things. Consumption tax will be char […]

In Japan, there are four seasons; spring, summer, autumn and winter.

Japan is a country where you can enjoy four different and beautiful scenes in each season.

There are 47 prefectures from the north, Hokkaido to the south, Okinawa. Its length is about 3,000 km.

There are modern and global cities, such as Tokyo and Osaka, but local cities with rich nature and culture are also popular. Hokkaido and Okinawa are also famous as they are tourist destinations which represent Japan.

The cities are clean and the security is good. Japanese people respect rules and manners with a spirit of “helping one another” and “hospitality.” Even international students, who live away from their home country, can live safely in Japan.