The Different Ways of Transportation

In Japan, there are various public transports in big cities and small areas.
In small areas you can use trains (JR, private train companies, subway or tram), buses, monorails, bicycles, etc. There are also people with cars.

Of course there are people who use their car, but people using bicycles have also to respect the traffic laws.
Also, inform yourself in case you have an accident with your bicycle or its theft.

Even in Japan, depending of where you live, the ways of transportation are different.
Trains are used in most areas, but if you live in a rural area or in an area that trains are not running, people usually use their cars and the young people take the bus.
Among these areas, In Okinawa, south of Japan, 70% to 80% of the university students own a car.

Apparently the exchange students use bicycles to get around. If you are using a bicycle, respect the traffic laws and its manners.


Buying a bicycle

There are various ways to buy a bicycle.

  1. Go to a store that sells bicycle.
  2. Go to a “Recycle Shop” (or a used bicycles store).They are selled by 5,000 yen there.
  3. Use the university’s community (Facebook, etc) and search for “used bicycle”.

To prevent the bicycle’s theft you will need to register it in the community’s police station or city halls.


In case of a bicycle’s accident

You will need to know about traffic laws for bicycles and what to do in case of an incident.