Golden week

What is Golden Week?

A week which has long holiday called Golden Week in Japan. Japanese people usually travel or visit their hometown, so most tourist spots in Japan are usually crowded in this period. Golden week consists of four official holidays which are as follows:


April 29th – Showa Day

(しょうわのひ: 昭和の日) 

Showa Day (昭和の日) is set to be a Japanese annual holiday in honor of the birthday of Emperor Showa (Hirohito) during 1925-1989. The purpose of the holiday is to encourage public in the confusion of Showa period.


May 3rd – Constitution Memorial Day

(けんぽうきねんび: 憲法記念日)

The Remembrance Day of Japan’s founding of the first constitution after World War II in May 3rd, 1947.


May 4th – Greenery Day

(みどりのひ: 緑の日)

Originally, this day was scheduled to be April 29th because the Emperor Showa (Hirohito) loved nature and vegetation. In 2006, it was announced on May 4th as a greenery day instead.


May 5th – Children’s Day

(こどものひ: 子どもの日)

May 5th is designated as Japanese Children’s Day. The family who has children, especially the boys, will bless them healthy and successful in the future. The symbol of this day is a colorful carp-shaped wind socks which mean strong and successful. In addition, there is also doll worship by decorating the house with a doll wearing armor and a samurai hat with Japanese sweets offerings.



During Golden Week, it is a long weekend and also in the spring which has the best weather season in Japan. Most tourist spots are crowded by people. If you plan to travel in Japan during golden week period, be sure to have an advance reservation in both accommodations and transports. For whom love shopping, it is good time to shop in the biggest discount period ever!