Getting a pet in Japan

You can getting a pet in japan and able to bring back to your country  but you should know about some rule that may different to your country.

Adopting pet

Now, There are a lot of stray, lost, abandoned animals in japan animal shelter. (around 204,000 in 2010 ) If you want to getting pets and give them love, We recommend to adopt at animal shelter.

Animal Shelter list


Buying pet

Pet in japan are expensive especially a good breed, have pedigree certificate. Price range is 20,000 – 300,000 yen


The most important that you should think before getting pet. a lot of apartment and landlords are not allow to getting pets. Please read the rule before.

Pet registration and get vaccinations

Due the law of japan, Owner must register you pet and get vaccinations (especially for dogs). You can contact for report at local municipal office.

Take pet back to your country.

You can take pet back to your country. We not recommend to leave your pet and return to your home. Please check out how to take back as below

Take animal quarantine in Japan.

First, You should take animal quarantine service at airport. You should apply a form about your pet for verify. Your pet should have Microchip and Health Certificate.Please doing request at least 1 week before you leave Japan. About animal quarantine service contact list, Please check at

Take animal quarantine in your home country.

Second, You should apply for animal quarantine to your country. Please check your country for animal quarantine and sending copy of certificate that you get from above.

Take animal back by airplane.

You can take animal back by airplane by give your animal certification. Some airline, you can get Pet-in-Cabin service or Cargo depend on policy in each airline.