Game Center

Games is one of Japanese pop culture which have known around the world. In Japan, game center where is a source of many popular games, is another entertainment place that loved by everyone both Japanese and foreigners.

There are lots of game center around Japan. Each place has variety of game machines, such as, arcade game, crane game, etc. Most game centers are located in a building which has 3-5 floor services.

Types of Game Machine in Game Center

UFO Catcher

UFO Catcher or Claw Crane is a game machine that still popular until present. You can found it easily at the front or the first floor area of the game center. There are many prizes in machine, such as, dolls, toys, stationery, sweets, etc.

Medal Game

The game machine which use “Token” to play (need to exchange money). If the players win, many Token will come out from the machine. This game is not gambling because you cannot exchange the received Token coin to cash. You can only keep playing at the game center until your Token are gone.

Arcade Game

The most popular video game. There are lots of genres of arcade game in game center. The starting price is around 100-200 JPY per once.


One of the most cutest photo booth in Japan which is popular among students both Japanese and foreigners. There are lots of camera mode with many lovely edit functions, such as, stickers, effects, and templates in Purikura for you to joy.

Service Fee

Service fee in game center has a starting price around 100 JPY per game. Many game centers provided automatic coin exchange machines. Some places are also accepted IC card (Cash Card) such as, Suica, etc.

Popular Game Center

Taito Station

The franchise game center which have lots of branches around Japan. Each branches has various kinds of game machines in large space. There is also money exchange service for foreigners as well.

Round One

CR :

Another famous Japanese franchise game center which has brances in USA. In addition to game machines, there are also many activities, such as, Bowling, Karaoke, Dart Game, etc.

Not only the two franchise game center mentioned above, but there are also other game centers around Japan. If you need to relax, why don’t you try game center in Japan once?