Furniture Stores in Japan

If you plan to stay in Japan for a long time, you may need some furniture for making you life more convenience due to some unfurnished rooms in rental apartment. In this article, we would like to introduce about furniture stores in Japan.


A Swedish furniture stores in Japan. There are many various types of furniture with reasonable price. It also has delivery service to your address.


One of the most popular Japanese furniture stores in Japan. There lots of branches around Japan. You can also find quality furniture with reasonable price and delivery service which make you impressed.

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Moreover, most furniture stores in Japan provided online shopping website and delivery service to make their customer convenience. However, we recommend to purchase at stores for your best choice.

For those who do not want to pay much money on brand new furniture, the following lists are some ways to find quality furniture in good price:

Second-hand Shop

This is a place where most students come to find some second-hand furniture in cheap price. Many furniture in second-hand shop are still new, with a standard guarantee for quality.


Not only sell furniture in second-hand shop, but lots of international students also give their furniture away for free or sell in very cheap price to other students who are still living in Japan by posting an announcement in community website. You can follow the giveaways announcement in university website or international students community.

100 Yen shop

Although 100 yen shops are not furniture stores, they sell lots of household items that useful for your daily life, such as, laundry baskets, hangers, bowls, glasses, boxes, etc. in cheaper price than other supermarkets and furniture stores.

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