Fruit Picking in Japan

Japan is another popular tourist destination. Not only there are many places to visit, but there are also many activities to join as well, such as Autumn Leaves Viewing, Cherry Blossoms Viewing, Firework Display Viewing, and seasonal activities as “Fruit Picking.”

Fruit Picking Seasons

Each fruits has different picking season. We recommend you to check for your favorite fruit period before attend the activity. Fruit picking seasons in Japan are as follows:

  • Strawberry (January – May)
  • Bamboo Shoot (April – May)
  • Cherry (June – July)
  • Apricot (June – July)
  • Melon (June – July)
  • Peach (June – September)
  • Blueberry (July – September)
  • Watermelon (July – August)
  • Chinese Pear (August – October)
  • Grape (August – October)
  • Apple (September – December)
  • Chestnuts (September – October)
  • Sweet Potato (September – November)
  • Persimmon (October – December)
  • Orange (October – December)
  • Kiwi (November – December)

**Fruit picking period might be change depend on the weather

Fruit Picking Course

In fruit picking season every year, many fruit farms will open to tourists for experiencing and picking fresh fruits. Most fruit picking courses are divided in these two types below.

All you can eat within 30 minutes

The fruits that you can attend this ‘all you can eat’ course are mostly fresh fruits that can be eaten right away from its plants, such as, strawberry, cherry, blueberry, etc. You can eat the fruits in whole farm as much as you can within 30 minutes in seasonal special price.

Picking seasonal fruits from farm to your home

The fruit in this program are mostly the fruits that you have to peel before eating, such as, watermelon, melon, orange, Chinese pear, etc. There are limited times for picking and price depends on the number of kilograms.

Each fruit farm has their own rules and conditions for tourists. If you want to attend seasonal fruit picking activities in Japan, you should follow the rules strictly. After that you can enjoy the taste of all seasonal fresh fruit as much as you want. If you are planning to travel around Japan, do not miss this fruit picking activity!