Franchise Restaurants in Japan

Japan is one of the highest costs of living in the world, especially in Tokyo which is the popular destination for foreign students. In addition to earn extra income while living in Japan by working part-time job, there are some tips for shopping to save money. For example, shopping one or two hour before supermarket close, buy things when they have a sale promotion, etc.

Cooking is also one of the best ways to save money. However, if you are feeling too tried to cook for yourself, franchise restaurants in Japan are ready for being your meal choice.

Beginner Guide for Shopping at Supermarket in Japan

Franchise restaurant is a kind of restaurant with many branches around the world. There are many franchise restaurants in Japan which popular among Japanese and foreigners.

The following lists are some franchise restaurants which recommended in Japan:


Marugame Seimen

Udon franchise with many branches around Japan and other countries, such as, Thailand, USA, Taiwan, Australia and China

Starting Price: 280 JPY

Hanamaru Udon

One of the most popular udon franchises in Japan. There are many branches with many choices of menu. Here, you can choose your udon with hot or cold soup, a size you want and toppings you love.

Starting Price: 400 JPY

Hidakaya Ramen

Ramen franchises with a lot of branches around Japan, especially along the railway station. There are many kinds of ramen, such as, shoyu ramen, shio ramen, tonkotsu ramen, miso ramen and Chinese style ramen.

Starting Price: 390 JPY

Yude Taro

Popular soba restaurants for Japanese office workers with variety kind of soba, such as, hot soba, cold soba and set menu with rice.

Starting Price: 330 JPY


Sushi Ro

One of the most famous conveyor belt sushi with 400 branches in Japan. There are more than 80 menus, such as sushi, snacks and dessert.

Starting Price: 100 JPY per plate

Genki Sushi / Uobei Sushi

Popular kaiten sushi with many branches around Japan. Their variety kind of fresh sushi serve on orginal belt and shinkansen belt.

Starting Price: 100 JPY per plate


The quality conveyor belt sushi restaurants with the same standard in every branches around Japan. In addition to serve many kind of sushi and dessert, the price is very comfortable too.

Starting Price: 90 JPY per plate (weekdays)

Muten Kura Sushi

One of the most recommend conveyor belt sushi restaurants in Japan with fresh sushi, donburi, ramen and many kind of desserts.

Starting Price: 108 JPY per plate



One of the most popular gyudon restaurants among Japanese office workers. There are many branches in Japan which most of them open 24 hours.

Starting Price: 240 JPY


The oldest gyudon franchise restaurants in Japan. Their branches can be seen in department store, railway station, airport and popular tourist spots around Japan.

Starting Price: 380 JPY


The popular donburi restaurant which loved by Japanese people. Because most locations are located near the office, the restaurant is fast, tasty and very inexpensive with variety kind of menu. For example, kaisendon, butadon and oyakodon.

Starting Price: 340 JPY


One of the most popular gyudon franchise restaurants with more than 2,000 branches around the world. Not only gyudon serve in this restaurant, but also Japanese curry, maguro don and the set menu.

Starting Price: 290 JPY

Tempura Tendon Tenya

The famous tempura franchise restaurant which serve every menu quality and good taste. Most branches are in Tokyo.

Starting Price: 500 JPY

Chikara Meshi

The popular butadon franchise restaurants in Japan which loved by Japanese and foreigners. They serve delicious grilled pork with rice in the big size bowl. Most branches are in Tokyo.

Starting Price: 390 JPY


COCO Ichibanya

The number one Japanese curry franchise restaurant in Japan which loved by many gourmets. Nowadays, there are more than 1,200 branches around the world to guarantee their quality.

Starting Price: 700 JPY

Go Go Curry

The famous Kanazawa style curry in Japan. There are many kinds of menu with 4 sizes. The most popular menu is Tonkatsu Curry.

Starting Price: 530 JPY

SET MENU (Teishoku)


The original Japanese restaurant which open for more than 59 years. There are 344 branches in Japan and more in other countries, such as Thailand, Taiwan, Hongkong, Indonesia, China, Singapore and Vietnam.

Starting Price: 800 JPY

Yayoi Ken

The popular Japanese franchise restaurant. Serving the homemade set menu which include rice, main dish, side dish and soup.

Starting Price: 690 JPY



The most famous Italian franchise restaurant with many branches in Japan. Top dishes are pizza, spaghetti, fried chicken and Caesar salad.

Starting Price: 299 JPY

Bikkuri Donkey

Western franchise restaurant which open for more than 50 years. The recommend dish is Hamburg steak.

Starting Price: 800 JPY


Gyoza no Osho

The popular Chinese restaurant in Japan. Gyoza and other Chinese main dishes are recommend.

Starting Price: 240 JPY