Family Restaurant

Family Restaurant (Famiresu) is a type of restaurant that target people in all ages, especially family group. It is very popular in Japan because there are variety of menus in comfortable and relaxing atmosphere which suited for family and friends.

The highlight of the family restaurant is the hundreds of menus that include Japanese food, western food, desserts and drinks. The price is not very high starting from 500 to 2,000 yen. This type of restaurant is fast, convenient and usually offer bilingual menus, so it is suited for everyone both Japanese and foreigners.

Family restaurant is popular since 90’s until now. There are lots of franchise branches open in Japan. Some restaurants open 24 hours while some offer all-you-can-eat promotion. If you are looking for casual dining that have variety of menus, family restaurant is one of your best choices.

Recommend Restaurant


CR :

Skylark Group’s family restaurant brand that opened since 1992 with a variety of foods and not expensive. Now, there are 1,300 branches of Gust in Japan.


CR :

America chain restaurant that opened in Japan since 1980 with a quality and variety of menus.

Royal Host

CR :

Royal Host is family restaurant franchise that open since 1950 in Kyushu region which famous in quality of foods, good atmosphere and eecellent service.