Information that the Japanese Government is providing for the exchange students in Japan


Data information that Japan is offering to the exchange students

There is a lot of exchange students who are studying in Japanese universities, graduate schools, technical schools, junior college and Japanese language educational schools. Year 27 of Heisei Era (year 2015) May 1st, shows that there is 208,379 exchange students in Japan. That is 24,224 people more comparing to last year.

Country of origin of the exchange students

  1. China
  2. Vietnam
  3. Nepal
  4. South Korea
  5. Taiwan
  6. Indonesia
  7. Thailand
  8. Myanmar
  9. Malaysia
  10. United States of America

There is several reasons why the numbers of exchange students in Japan is increasing.

  • It is possible to learn high level engineering and medicine.
  • The ambient of study is good for foreigners.
  • In terms of safety, it is a country that is easy to live in.
  • It has attractive culture and various world heritages sites.
  • It accepts exchange students from all over the world.
  • It secures the freedom of belief and thinking.

Every year, the number of foreigners in Japan is increasing and it is possible to see foreing students, foreign workers and tourists all over Japan. How many people are visiting Okinawa? We will show you the numbers.

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