Electronic Stores in Japan

Every know that Japan is the country of technology that have a lot of innovative electronic products made by variety manufacturer. For this reason, there are many electronic stores in Japan which have many electronic products for purchase. In some stores, there is not only electronic products, but also have other household products.

For people who recently live in Japan, electronic products are one of the necessary thing for living. The following lists are some of the recommend electronic stores that can easily find in Japan.


The popular electronic store that known by Japanese people and foreigners. There are lots of branches in Japan. The main store is in Akihabara, Tokyo.


Bic Camera

Another popular electronic store which also have many and variety electronic products from simcard to air conditioner. The You can easily find Bic Camera in airport, department store or around train station. Most popular store is located in Shinjuku.

For more information, Bic Camera also have subsidiary stores named Kojama and Sofmap.


Yamada Denki

One of the largest electronic stores in Japan. There are many branches around Japan. The main store is located in Shinjuku.


K’s Denki

Most foreigners may not know about K’s Denki, but this is one of the most popular electronic stores with more than 480 branches around Japan.



You can easily find the 4 electronic stores in Japan above by searching their branches address in the store website. Moreover, for those who live in the area that have no electronic stores nearby, you can also use the delivery service in their online shop website.