Drug Store in Japan

The first thing came up in minds when talking about “Drug Store” usually be an image of pharmacy selling only medicines and medical supplies. In Japan, “Drug Store” is a shopping place where it mix pharmacy, supermarket, and convenience store together. Not only medicines and medical supplies selling in this place, but also household products, foods and drinks.


Examples of Drug Store Products

  • Health care products: Vitamins, Supplements, Cosmetics, Skin Cares
  • Household products: Washing Powder, House Cleaner, Home Appliances
  • Consumer products: Snacks, Instant Noodles, Drinks, Frozen Food

Because of various kinds of products with price and quality standards. Now, drug store is one of the most popular shopping places in Japan. Foreigners (short-term stays up to 6 months) can also use tax-free shopping service when making purchases in drug store at least 5,000 JPY. Be aware that any items you purchase in tax-free price need to be wrapped until you export to your home country.

Moreover, drug store is also a popular shopping place for international students even they are not allowed to use tax-free service. Because most drug stores are located in residential area which convenient to travel.


Popular Drug Store in Japan

Matsumoto Kiyoshi

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Drug Sugi

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Daikoku Drug

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Sun Drug

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