This called Crime in Japan!

You see the orange tree with lots of fruits on the street. Think about bringing some of them home. Okay, it may accepted in some countries, but it is a crime in Japan. If you do like that in Japan, you will be judged as a criminal even if you do not know about that Japanese law before!

For prevention, the first thing that students who are planning to live in Japan should study carefully is Japanese law because it may affect the life in Japan.

Crime in Japan

The following lists are the daily actions that are found guilty as a crime in Japan.

Do not bring your passport (Foreigner)

Japanese law allows police to call people on the streets to check their identity documents. So foreigners should bring passport, zairyu card or other identity documents at all times. If you meet a random check, you might be detained.

Drinking and Driving

Not only “Drunk Driving” can be caught by the police, but in Japanese law “Drinking and Driving” can also be prosecuted as well. If you drive after drinking only one little glass of alcohol, you will be judged as a criminal in Japan.

In addition, the person who providing an intoxicated person with a vehicle, providing a person with alcohol and riding as a passenger in a vehicle operated by a person intoxicated, also have a legal offense. The most serious punishment is maximum 5 years in jail or 1,000,000 JPY fine.

Smoking in public places

According to Japanese law, there is a designated area for smoking in Japan around public places. So if you are smoking while walking on the street or others outside the designated area, you have to pay a fine around 2,000-5,000 JPY.

Parking bicycle outside the designated area

In Japan, bicycles are classified as one type of vehicle. There is a designated area for parking bicycles only. If you are parking bicycle outside the designated area, your bicycle will be held by the police and you have to pay a fine about 5,000 JPY to take it out.

Wearing headphones/ Using mobile phone/ Holding umbrella/ Riding without a light at night/ No respect for traffic lights while riding bicycle

For Japanese law, bicycle rules and regulations are very strict in Japan. If you are listening to music, using mobile phone, umbrella, riding without a light at night and no respect for traffic lights, you will be punished by paying a fine maximum 50,000 JPY. If you are riding with a pillion and riding side-by-side in prohibited area, you will be fined maximum 20,000 JPY.

Cut in line/ Spit in public/ dump garbage outside trash

According to Japanese law, if you jump the queue or cut in line, split in public, dump your garbage outside the trash or make trouble for others, you will be fined around 1,000-10,000 JPY, especially for the guilty of split in public. In addition to the fine, you will be sentenced to 30 days in jail or may be recorded on a criminal record.

Bring things found around the trash back home

This is one of the most important laws in Japanese law. If you bring valuable things, such as bicycle, wardrobe, television, radio, video player, other electric things you found around the trash or even the fruit along the street, you will be considered a legal offense and may be charged with misappropriation of property.

Overpriced ticket sales

Selling concert tickets, show tickets, or other tickets at a price that higher than that printed on the ticket in Japan is illegal. Sellers and buyers will be punished by law.

Upload/ Download/ Copy/ View the copyright infringement video or music

Japan’s copyright laws have been growing more restrictive in and of themselves. Upload, download, copy and view the video or listen to music without permission is illegal. A charge of copyright infringement could land a person 2 years in jail or 2,000,000 JPY fine. In case of uploading, you will be sentenced to 10 years in jail or fined 10,000,000 JPY.