Choice of School

When considering studying in Japan, you cannot help to choose famous universities and universities in the capital city, but it is recommended to search local universities as well. Apart from the difference in the field to learn, the qualification given at graduation also varies. Also, the entrance qualification varies as well, so make sure your vision post-graduation is clear and choose the best school.

Benefits of a Local School

Although life in the Japanese capital Tokyo is attractive, there are disadvantages such as prices of commodities are high, rent is high, it is crowded, security is slightly poor, and etc.

Local school campuses are wide, there are plenty of trees and nature, prices of commodities are reasonable, and the environment is pleasant. Also, if you would like to feel Japanese traditional culture during your stay in Japan, temples and other local areas are the best for that.

Also, communication amongst neighbors in urban areas is not so great, but here you will develop close relationships with neighbors.