[China] Let’s go out to the other countries and experience a lot to find your goal.

International student guest is “Yi Ning” RYUUKYU university student who came from China.

Name: Chao Yi Ning
Nickname: Yi Ning
Sex: Female
Age: 21
Country: China Fujian Fuzhou city
University: Fujian Normal University
Department: Foreign Language Department
Grade: 3rd grade
High School: Second Junior High School

The reason you came to japan as international student

Language ranking made it easy to select Japanese examination.
I start learning Japanese after I came here.
And also I had an interest in japan.
I want to had an experience where I had an interested in.

The reason you chose this university

I had no choice, because our schools were tied up.

the good point you came here

After living in japan and I found that the culture I‘ve used to live is not the same in
here. The living environment、study curriculum isn’t same to china.
But because of that I start to know truly about my country as well.
I have a subjective and objective point of view after living in here right now.
And I start to think that not always to concern the result, but to look about the whole 
Story too.
And past is past.
I felt necessary to know about the two countries right now.

Okinawa prefecture is also the palace where tourism is the main.
I think that it is important to know the people who came from the overseas too.
I felt important to have someone who could act as a go-between the two countries.

the difficulties you have in japan

It is important to think about each person’s feelings.
But there is 1.7 billion people in china so there is no time to think about such things.

I feel that japan service is really wonderful, and I think that china cannot do same.

However, there are cases where you cannot understand real intention and built-in.

On other hand, wonderful culture like “hospitality” and “consideration” seems to be
Stress in Japanese society.

Because you cannot show your real intension outside, it seems you’re hitting it on your
Family. I think that Japanese organization that cannot be opened in work place is a
Social problem.
Of course there are also such thing in china, but since china cherishes their family so
much I am surprised to see the Japanese news.
Beyond this we think that we can develop a part of development.
The government seems to compensate by foreign labor to compensate the labor
Shortage, but I think that it is not catching up with the environment to accept mind

the person you’re thankful

The person who teaches me in china, professor Ishikawa.
And I am really grateful to Mr. Ashihara since I came to Okinawa.

Your goal in life

When I graduate, I want to get a job in the magazine editorial department.
A magazine that informs interviews of china and japan foreigners living in other countries. And also about children’s picture book or dishes too.
It is good to be useful for society by doing what you can do.
I would like to work as go-between Fujian province and Japan.
I do not know what is actually my truly dream, but that is what I’m thinking right now.

An advice for the International student who wants to came here

Let’s go out to the other countries and experience a lot to find your goal.
By getting out from your familiar environment and being by yourself in new one will help you to know where you was in past.

Your desire at Japan School

I hope that you would make opportunities to exchange thoughts with the other international students.
I think there is no chance to have a conversation with Japanese people, so I hope they would make an opportunity for it.
I think it is important to interact people in the same age and different countries.

Ms. Yi Ning thank you for the interview.

Hearing about Ms. Yi Ning point of view was very helpful.

Started meeting all the international students in china like Ms. Yi Ning, face to face, talking various things makes me interested in china very much.
Please be a bridge between China and Japan I the future.

“SITA” will support your dream!