Enjoy Cherry Blossom Viewing

Spring is the best season in Japan. Not only the nice weather, but it is also a flowers bloom period which especially special for “Cherry Blossom” or “Sakura,” one of the most famous signature of spring in Japan which many Japanese and foreigners are looking forward to every year.

There is a Cherry Blossom Forecast in Japan before entering spring every year for those who interested in cherry blossom viewing able to plan a trip easily. The culture of cherry blossom viewing in Japan called “Ohanami.” This blooming period is around 1-2 weeks depend on weather.

You can check for cherry blossom forecast here! | Japan Weather Association


How to enjoy cherry blossom viewing?

There are 2 ways for enjoy cherry blossom viewing: by walking and by picnic.

By Walking

The easiest way for enjoy cherry blossom viewing. You can bring your camera and walking in the park or other cherry blossom spots any time you want.

By Picnic

Enjoy cherry blossom viewing by picnic is the authentic Japanese Ohanami culture. Most people usually come with a group of friends and family. Everyone enjoy eating bento and drinking beer or sake together. However, there are lots of people during cherry blossom period. If you don’t want to miss a chance, We recommend to reserved for location at the morning.


Equipment for Cherry Blossom Viewing

Sitting Mat

Sitting mat should fit the number of people and things. Mat should not be too large.

Food and Drink

The prepared food for picnic called “Bento.” Most common food are sushi, Japanese omelette, fruits and sakura mochi. In Ohanami picnic, Japanese usually eating with beer and sake.

One-time use chopsticks, plates and cups

For your convenience, you should prepare one-time use chopsticks, plates and cups for enjoy your meal during the picnic.

Cleaning Tissue

Please do not forget about cleaning tissue for keep the place clean.

Disposal Bag

Please prepare disposal bag for your waste after enjoy cherry blossom viewing.


Do not miss a chance! Please bring your camera for keep a good memory with beautiful pink cherry blossom.


For enjoy cherry blossom viewing every time, please remind that you should follow the rules strictly. Please do not touching, picking or doing anything that may caused cherry blossom tree damage. Let’s keep the tree safe for beautiful cherry blossom blooming in future.