[Taiwan] Always think that your ability is not perfect

International student guest is “Lin Quan Sheng” RYUKYU university student who came from Taiwan.

Name: Lin Quang Shen
Nickname: Izumi in Japan, Quang Sheng in Taiwan.
Sex: male
Age: 21
Country: Taiwan Tainan
University: National Yunlin University of Science and Technology
Department: Faculty of Engineering Department
Grade: graduated 4 years. Planning to be a graduate student until August 2017
High School: Taichung Municipal Shalu Industrial High School.

the reason you want to study in japan

I love Japanese drama that I always watch it.
「JIN」is my favorite.
And I started to learn Japanese since I was 1st year.

the reason you chose japan

Because Okinawa is near from Taiwan
It is really convenient. That’s important to me.
And my university is partnered with RYUKU.

the good things you came here

I’ve got a lot of friends in here.
We hang to the sea, until American village in Chatan.
We also went for driving and ate hamburger.
I’d like to BBQ in the coming season.

the difficulties you have in japan

Okinawa is a place where the sea is beautiful but the transportation is inconvenient.
The bus fee is also expensive.
In Taiwan Taichung the bus fee is free for moving within 10km.

the people your thankful

My family, Taiwan university professors, friends.
And Taiki from RYUKU university. Thank you so much.

your goals in life

Go back to Taiwan and be graduated student.
I want to be an engineer in future
I want to get a job to connect Okinawa and Taiwan.

advice for your junior students

Always think that your ability is not perfect
Consider your ability is not high to do your best!

your desire to japan

Nothing. The university is already fine.
The people in Okinawa are really nice.

Quang Sheng thank you for doing interview.
Do your best until the last time on your school life in here.
Please be an engineer as soon as possible and be a bridge between Taiwan and Japan.

“SITA” will support your dream.